How do you get good at programming

im new here i have tryed programing a little and i like it but how do you get Proficient at it dont think you just do the tutorial over and over

4th Nov 2016, 4:08 PM
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To get good at programming you must never give up or get discouraged. Therefore having a thick-skin and the patience to solve problems like a God is essential. As Minato mentions practice is good, however I would like to add on that structured practice is good. For example, take the following front-end stack. 1. HTML, HTML 5. 1.1 - DOM. 2. CSS, CSS3. 2.1 - LESS OR SASS. 3. JAVASCRIPT. 3.1 - JQUERY OR ANGULARJS OR REACTJS. Each of these are related and knowing how they interact will make you a good coder. Additionally feeling comfortable with cheating and hacking code is completely acceptable! By cheating I mean reference websites like stackoverflow or the language documentation and by hacking I mean finding already provided solutions and tweaking them. Overall the more you are exposed to code the more you can learn, don't forget to comment and indent like crazy to make it easy for yourself to follow the logic whenever you take a break ;)
4th Nov 2016, 5:07 PM
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Practice makes perfect. (You probably heard that a ton so I'mma elaborate a bit more) I'm mainly self-taught, so I picked up on a lot of my skills over time as I needed them. Starting out, I would refer to video tutorials. (watching a guy type the code, explaining it, and then having a successful compilation you can follow along with helps a ton) And I kept watching several different video tutorials and branched out to apps like Sololearn until I got confident enough to type on my own. Even a simple print code will help you learn something. Half of coding is to explore and branch out. Get a simple idea into your head (like compute 2+2 at the push of a button?) and try to make it. If you're successful with that, try something a little more complicated. You do NOT need to finish these tutorials to make a program, just jump right into the playground and try it out! Progress in your tutorial or refer to the Discuss section if you're stumped on what to do, as plenty of users will be more than happy to help you out! TL;DR Keep coding and never stop, even if you don't fully know the language. It'll come to you piece by piece.
4th Nov 2016, 4:31 PM
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