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What are your views about the questions we get in challenges ?

For me, 1. There are questions with contradicting answers. 2. Even when output is asked, it should execute the program to verify output as multiple answers are possible. 3. The standard of questions isn't like which would improve coding skills. 4. In questions where we have to write the text, the character limit is already fixed to answer length & it doesn't check the upper/lower case of answer.

25th Apr 2017, 4:38 PM
Avinash Thakur
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1. If you notice any question with contradicting answer REPORT IT! it'll be corrected asap. 2. I haven't come across answer with several possible output before. Don't judge by mere looking at it or by just calculating it with your head(you might make simple mistake). Make sure you always run the code to see program output. 3. The standard of Sololearn questions has significantly improved my coding skill (expecially thinking faster in solving problem). A simple 3%2-3 will improve your coding skill. 4. I think case sensitivity of answers would be wrong and will cause confusions that may lead to your number 1&2 question. I am saying this from experience. I have completed hundreds of challenges that's why I have been able to answer this question.
25th Apr 2017, 5:17 PM
Wisdom Abioye
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You might be right in some points. But, I do have faced such issues and I have also saved screenshots of them. I can't upload them here.... don't know if it is supported or not, can't see any option. but, let me explain them 1. Some codes were expected to show error because there was no "return" command in "main" while in some other, it wasn't an issue.(It should be error, I believe, as it is compiler specific) I have tested the code. 2. Multiple answers... The question asked to print whether an integer("n") is positive, negative or zero. When it is zero we can output "n" or "0" literal. 3,4. This is obviously a thing of perspective. By my perspective, I noticed that some questions are answered just by writing "cout" which is clear. Also, the length of input field is exactly same as length of answer which helps much in guessing the answer in such questions mostly. Case sensitivity : I checked it while learning ! Even writing "cout" as "Cout" was right answer ! I have screenshots of all.
25th Apr 2017, 7:06 PM
Avinash Thakur
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I agree with you @avinash_Thakur for 2nd point, I have faced 2-3 questions with different answers while completing challenges.
25th Apr 2017, 7:26 PM
Roshan Bagde
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