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Locked out by Rocket Icon

Why I cannot enter sololearn on the app. Everytime I logged in my mobile app, it just displays a rocket & I cannot move in the sites at all. This happened all day today. What can I do to make this app working or it something at you

5th Dec 2022, 7:19 PM
SquashyPop - avatar
4 Answers
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5th Dec 2022, 7:30 PM
Brian - avatar
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Thank you for the report! We’re working on resolving this issue.
6th Dec 2022, 7:45 AM
Bunny - avatar
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SquashyPop Bunny animation scale is the culprit. Change animation scale to default or 1x it will be fine. When animation is off app not loading.
6th Dec 2022, 10:08 AM
Azhagesanヾ(✿) - avatar
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6th Dec 2022, 9:19 AM
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