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I need some new ideas for making some educational games/mathematical models (Java-based)

Actually, I had an idea previously. I thought of making my *CUI-based Calendar program ( https://code.sololearn.com/cNo1LLk91w1d/?ref=app) into **GUI-based program using Java Swing. I want some new ideas as I feel that my idea will become unoriginal (as I have told some potential competitors about it). I have some ideas but they are not that good: Morse Code, Encoder, Text Editor, Number in Words (20 - twenty). *(Command User Interface, basically, input by keyboard) **(Graphical User Interface, basically, clickable, sometimes along with input by keyboard)

30th Nov 2022, 4:53 PM
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Maybe an app that can measure the speed of typewriting, and lets you practice? Original ideas are really difficult and rare... Most of the things you would come up with, might have been implemented as a program before. Maybe one way to find new ideas, is to make an existing old idea more fun and interesting, by combining it with another unrelated concept. You might call this a mash-up. For example you can combine a typewriting app with a hangman game, which punishes you for each mistyped letter. This is really just a totally unoriginal example, but I hope you get the point.
1st Dec 2022, 6:24 AM
Tibor Santa
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