PostgreSQL = SQL 🤔

Are they the same? If I learn SQL will I be able to make use of PostgreSQL? My question is born from what I've been seeing on the internet, there are courses that seem to use then almost interchangeably, with titles like "learn SQL basis in PostgreSQL" so instead of looking for material to learn PostgreSQL should I look for SQL since there seems to be some good quality material about it?

22nd Sep 2022, 2:26 PM
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SQL is a language syntax. PostgreSQL is a relational database engine, that is a software to store data, and it implements its own flavor (dialect) of the SQL language. Mostly the various dialects (relational databases) follow the standard, but they might have unique features and nonstandard behaviour in particular cases. PostgreSQL is a very modern, and popular database engine, so beginning to learn SQL with it, is a good idea. Just keep in mind, that other databases might behave a little differently at times.
22nd Sep 2022, 3:08 PM
Tibor Santa
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