Best codes for general UI, web or app graphics and menu animations, etc (to combine with photoshop experience in design)

Hello comunity! I’m trying to learn the languages that I can best combine with my interest/experience in grafics design, such as menus, user interfaces, not only in web but also for apps or software. Im learning python just as a basic, because of its simplicity and potential. But I think for everything related to animations, transitions, interfaces, frameworks, etc, I need to get those concepts into visual ground and thats my question, How can I complement python (as a must have for me), with graphs in gnrl

17th Jun 2022, 9:55 PM
BASSiT Music
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You can use tools like figma, Adobe XD (I recommend figma) for UI, UX designs. Then use HTML, CSS, SASS, JS to build your designs as web pages. Try to make them responsive as much as possible for every screen sizes.. then you can learn how to connect your UI with real data and build real softwares.
18th Jun 2022, 3:36 AM
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