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Hi guys, I want to code a website and neee your help. I completed the HTML course here and css about 70%, javascript 0%. My question is: When i go on my site or login, i want a a video or animation to play as background. So for example, i login with my username and password, the background should change to a playing video, and when the video is finished, the background should change to a common css backround-color. Is this possible, and if yes, could someone post a simple code? Please consider i have no idea about javascript yet. Thank you Domme1

2nd Oct 2021, 3:50 PM
Domme 1
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For any logic you will need Java Script. Also you can simulate login of user with js, but if you wanna real login you will have to learn some backend, to use server and database.
3rd Oct 2021, 9:56 AM
PanicS - avatar