404 Error in Responsive Course - Link Update Needed

Within the Responsive Web Design Course, specifically on the "Adding Animation: Animation" portion of the course, the link at the bottom of the page in the yellow-box is returning a 404 error. Animation Page Link: https://www.sololearn.com/learning/1162/4812/12454/1 Text of 404 Link: "jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, and animation much simpler. Learn more with our jQuery Tutorial." jQuery 404 link in course: https://www.sololearn.com/learn/jquery/ jQuery link should be: https://www.sololearn.com/learning/1082

12th Apr 2021, 5:43 PM
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2 Answers
12th Apr 2021, 5:53 PM
Jayakrishna🇮🇳 - avatar
The 404 error is what a webpage returns after a user tries to open a webpage that does not exist. The visitor may have mistyped the webpage URL or the webpage might have been moved completely. Regards, James
3rd Oct 2022, 4:55 AM
James W
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