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Difference b/w front end and back end development

12th Sep 2020, 7:17 PM
Steven Rodriguez
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2 Answers
Simply, frontend is the look, feel, and outward structure (what you see). backend is all the "magic" behind the scenes (what you dont see).
12th Sep 2020, 7:24 PM
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In simple explanation, front end development is designing what someone who visits your website sees. Which is usually done using Javascript, CSS and HTML plus other scripting and markup languages like XML, XHTML. Backend development is designing and developing what the one visiting the website must not see which is usually but not only done using PHP Purpose of backend development is to help front end content to work with the server which may also fetch data from the database when required. The reason this information is not visible to the website visitor (hence the name backend development) is because it may contain sensitive information. One more thing, u can see the source code of front end languages used to design a website using the "inspect" attribute of a browser but you'll never see backend content such as PHP when you try to inspect a website using a browser.
12th Sep 2020, 7:27 PM
Programador Autodidacta
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