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Every time I try a practice of if-else

On the playground, I follow exactly what I see, but I never seem to get the same output or I get an error message. Not sure what I am missing or doing wrong.

3rd Sep 2020, 7:34 PM
Dalana Cormier
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3 Answers
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You're either missing a colon or having some wrong identation. post your code link here having the issue so that we can solve together.
3rd Sep 2020, 7:45 PM
Rohit - avatar
You should put the code so we can see what are you talking about.
3rd Sep 2020, 8:22 PM
We may able to guide you only if you share your code. https://www.sololearn.com/learn/Python/2278/
4th Sep 2020, 7:06 AM
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