Coaching Task - Pig Latin

HeLLO ALL, I’M WONDERInG IF YOU CAN ASSIST ME WITH THE PIG LATIN TASK. I’VE TrIED MaNY ATTEMPTS BUT CAN’T SEEM To GET ThE FINAL OUTPUT. THE ClOsEST I’VE MANAGED To MAkE a lIST FROM The STRInG And ITERRATE THE WORD ARRANGEMENT FoR EACH ITem. HOWEVEr TrYINg to JoiN THis bAcK TOGETHEr IS WHERE I’M HAViNg the ISsuE. BELOW IS a COPY OF MY CODe SO FAR. import re def Convert(string): li = list(string.split(" ")) return li input = input() li = Convert(input) for l in li: output = re.sub(l[0], " ", l) + l[0] + "ay" print(output)

6th Mar 2020, 3:51 PM
Alistair McLaren
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You have two issues with your code. First: The sentence needs to be one line so "Hi there" becomes: iHay heretay Not: iHay heretay change print to: print(output, end=" ") Second: Your substitution replaces all occurences with a space so "test" becomes: es tay change to l[1:] which returns the second though the last characters.
7th Mar 2020, 2:59 AM
John Wells
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