How we find that what is good??client or server side

26th Jan 2017, 5:40 PM
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I'm not sure, I'm trying to decrypt what you just asked.
26th Jan 2017, 5:44 PM
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"How do we find out which is better, client or server side?" Is what i believe the question is. The answer is server side of course ! Actually im jokeing. Im a backened developer "demo-ing" this app to see if i can use it for teaching or if it doesnt play well with other devs The truth is that niether is better but the people on either side feel very strongly otherwise. Im technically a designer but i was coding long before college so im neutral on the subject. Javascript iis used on the front end but in my experience the backend dev is senior so if we want to do something that isnt part of our job we are allowed to make that call. That means a lot of us will do the js ourselves. Why do you need to know it then? Because we arnt going to drop everything to go over tand put in a lightbox. Thats front end (i would know, i started out front and backend.and only beginner knowlege of php. I had to learn quickly) you will also have to learn basic php and sql if you plan on working on anything notable. Dont be a wordpress only loser and limit yourself to one template and framework You cn get yourself in trouble.
27th Jan 2017, 7:04 AM
Austin “Angel” Bennett
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