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Website vs Webapp

what is the difference between a website and a webapp ...????

5th Aug 2018, 5:40 PM
Satyendra Singh
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Websites are primarily informational. In this sense, http://cnn.com and http://php.net are websites, not web applications. Web applications primarily allow the user to perform actions. Google Analytics, gmail, and jslint are web applications. They are not entirely exclusive. A university website likely gives information such as location, tuition rates, programs available, etc; it will likely have web applications that allow teachers to manage grades and course materials, applications for students to register for and withdraw from courses, etc.
5th Aug 2018, 6:26 PM
Nadun Kulatunge
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Well, I think WebSite is a collection of webpages on the web that you can reach them by using Internet Browsers. but WebApp is an application that for example you can install it on your PC. Generally, you can execute it but it needs internet connection to download contents. Like client of some games that you install but for playing online and connecting to the server you need internet and web access.
5th Aug 2018, 6:33 PM
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A website shows essentially the same data. Some of it may be dynamic (e.g. CNN or BBC website), but it is generally a one way affair - you are a consumer only. A web application is two way; you see data that is not only dynamic but often also specific to you. You can work with this data through the web application to publish new content or send meaningful requests back to the server or through the server to third parties (including other users). Examples include; 1. a photo editing application. 2. a web game with a persistent world 3. a stock/share dealing application with real time price data and account, allowing you to deal in real-time.
6th Aug 2018, 1:14 PM
Nayan Mehta
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