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Credits or Points

Hello I'm just a newbie here, and i wanted to learn how to create a credit's or points (in value) in javascript or html, thanks for providing any answers ­čśü

30th Mar 2022, 1:47 AM
Johann Panata
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Do you mean credits as xp (the points given by sl to motivate learners)? Please clarify your description a little more
30th Mar 2022, 5:28 AM
­čĹĹ ShadowCipher ­č玭čç▓
­čĹĹ ShadowCipher ­č玭čç▓ - avatar
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Yes thank you for the answer­čśŐ, like for example i earn points or credits when i completed a task and automatically credited into my account balance, and then i can spend it in the shop, thank you very much this is my first time ever learning in code in here­čśŹ­čÖĆ­čĺľ
30th Mar 2022, 12:12 PM
Johann Panata