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accessibility of the interface for screen reader users

Hello, just started my jurney into coding and found a problem, which prevents me to use this platform. when tried to rearange "print" sentences in Python for begginers, I could not check the results. In the editor, it looked fine, but "check" button was still disabled. so it seems, that interface is not accessible for screen reader users. I use NVDA and Firefox. and whenever I search for solution, I find some unlabeled buttons, some non-labeled clickable elements etc. So I ask you if is it possible to make this platform accessible for screen reader users or point me to documentation, which will explaine me, how to use it if it has been declared as accessible. thanks. Jo┼żef

6th May 2021, 10:22 PM
Jo┼żef Gregorc
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Yes, as CarrieForle said, you'd need to contact the developers directly. Hope they get that fixed up soon ­čĹŹ
7th May 2021, 2:58 AM
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I feel sorry for the inconvenience. Any issue you experienced can be sent to As a user, that's all we can do.
7th May 2021, 2:04 AM
ńŻáščąÚüôŔŽĆňëç´╝Ĺń╣芜» - avatar
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Already done. Hope that accessibility bugs will be fixed. Thanks.
7th May 2021, 3:06 AM
Jo┼żef Gregorc
Jo┼żef Gregorc - avatar