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Python literature ­čôÜ­čÉŹ

Hello, can you give me advice about up skill in programming (python and c#). My skill in python no big (c# small) maybe it's literature, website or something else. Thank you bro!

7th Dec 2019, 1:24 PM
boroda.ti - avatar
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Practice! Practice! Practice! Ôś║
8th Dec 2019, 11:00 AM
­čç▓ÔÇő­čç┤ÔÇő­čçşÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čç▓ÔÇő­čç▓ÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čçęÔÇő ­čç»ÔÇő­čç«ÔÇő­čç▒ÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čç│ÔÇő
­čç▓ÔÇő­čç┤ÔÇő­čçşÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čç▓ÔÇő­čç▓ÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čçęÔÇő ­čç»ÔÇő­čç«ÔÇő­čç▒ÔÇő­čçŽÔÇő­čç│ÔÇő - avatar
27th Dec 2019, 2:03 PM
nelida murataj
nelida murataj - avatar
I would go for Fluent Python, like WhyFry suggested. It's awesome. Happy reading and happy coding! :)
7th Dec 2019, 6:26 PM
Gon├žalo Magalhaes
Gon├žalo Magalhaes - avatar