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user input before running code in codeplayground restriction

Don't you think that codeplayground limit user coding to something that just works when the user entry the data only before the code execute? I like to code programs that interact more than once wtih the user.

1/10/2018 4:12:48 PM

Federico Toledo

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yes //but some users have found ways to deal with that to a good extent


@Gaurav, true, some sololearners are really creative to overcome the limitations : )


It's actually a wise decision I guess, collecting all necessary input and send them along the code to be processed means one transaction and one traffic, another activity would happen only after the code completed, be it with success or failure. Contrary, interactive means get the input on demand, means more transactions on the server and more traffics to send data back and forth, to and from server, which eventually means, more workload for the server. For a few connections this is fine, but for the many SL users to do that at almost the same time?


That’s why I do most of my code in Visual Studio.


yeah, i know SL is big and it would be pretty much data being processed at the same time but it limits your coding, although there are nice and creative codes in the community