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Can I convert html to apk ?

Hi everybody . I'm going to be interpreter.But I wanna able to write programs. My question is about converting apps(.apk). I think , learning html is easier than learning java. So I want to write my program in html. Can you tell me , is there any app(.apk) that converts html to apk ? If yes , is it free?

1/10/2018 6:44:30 AM

Sadiqov Lətif

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you can use Android Studio


Yes, You can use Android Studio, it's free. You have to learn basic knowledge to use the app effectively. Check the link below for Android Studio. Good luck.


create webview in android and give your html application link in it also you can get webview examples from github



If java is not your best friend, you can use also scripting and web app for write apps on your android device with QPython that supports develop of python apps (also gui powered with kivy) and python webapp (with flask bottle etc)