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Codeplayground "Editing"

I've seen multiple people copy my codes and "modify" them as they call it. I am sorry but removing the "made by" to your name or changing a couple of colors does not make it yours. I guess it is not a big deal to others but I personally hate when this happens. Leave your opinion in the answers section. Thank you.

11/16/2016 3:38:23 PM

Victor Fernandez

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Sololearn should have some sort of "Original Code by: [USER]" comment permanently in the code if it detects that the user just modified a code in the playground then saved it to their playground, because some people might be reuploading codes made by others without even realizing it. They could just be saving it on their profile to experiment with later.


Yes, I haven't had it happen to me but I have seen it happen to others. It's plagiarism. If you want to achieve the same end as someone do it your own way. For example password generators are popular. That doesn't mean don't make them. Just make it your own. Start from the beginning and use what you should have learned through the courses or elsewhere.


@Minato X Then they should not set it as public. Its that simple, but I definitely agree with your suggestion. You should make a suggestion to SoloLearn about it. It still doesn't stop people from copying and pasting though.


Why is copying code even possible? In my opinion - SoloLearn should dissable it..


@Steven yes


or the least solo!earn could!d do is when someone does download a code from someone else put in a scrambler or encript mark


@irfan People post their codes for feedback. Depending on the likes it will show what others think. We do not post codes so you can copy them and claim them as yours.


similarly, why do you like people following you? or liking your posts?


stop showing off... lol. sharing is caring... stealing is spreading....