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How to use turtle module in sololearn?

Turtle is basically a module in Python used to draw shapes

1/7/2018 11:24:51 AM


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In Sololearn you can import the turtle module but you won't be able to draw with it. You can try that. It will give certain errors saying that something was not installed properly (I don't remember the exact error).


Sololearn does not support turtle module.



Sololearn compiler does not support turtle module.


Yeah !! sololearn doesn't support turtle module. But, Better and another choice to run your Code on ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ "" supports turtle module. and also have awesome features. here is one example of mine ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- best of luck, Saurabh Zinjad

+1 see in this code turtle is imported without any problem but module xyz can't be imported(as it doesn't exist). If sololearn doesn't support turtle than how can one import it without any difficulty


@Saurabh Zinjad did you purposely make b.speed(10) in , if not: the speed could be set to 0 and run at its fastest speed b.speed(0)

0 😶


if you want you can use vscode by microsoft. It is a good code editor(Probably the best).