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Hi there so ive lost an interest in coding...

So yes i have lost an interest due to the fact that i quit too easy, and i dont have my own computer i have a laptop but its broken and it had like i3 core and like 2gb of ram and a broken screen. But i do like coding its amazing what you can do with Programming. I would like to have a job as a game dev when i get older but i dont Know what to learn first because its all very complicated so i was thinking about doing python but idk can i get some suggestions please and thank you all who reply.

1/5/2018 5:31:13 AM


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You either let the problem overcome you or conquer it. No computer isn't really a problem if you're keen to look for alternatives. Do you have library nearby with computer facilities? Is it possible to borrow or "rent" it from your friends or relatives? Never give up before you've exhausted every possibilities and when you do, you haven't. 😉


You may continue your journey on Python as it's the trending languages now. Focus on one until you become comfortable with it before moving on to the next. All the best to you!!! 😉


If you really want to be a game developer and you really like coding, then you will not quit. Guess what? I also don't have a computer. I don't have a laptop. I only have a smartphone full of cracks in the screen that has reduced touch capabilities. But here I am not giving up.


i3 laptop with 2gb ram is good enough for making most programming tasks. Don't give up.


thanks guys but do u have any reccomendations on languages i should learn?