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Games for low end Android.

Does anyone know of some good games that can be easily played on a low end Android Tablet (512mb ram).

1/3/2018 7:23:51 AM

Taabeer Murtaza

5 Answers

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modern strike bulllet force turn down the in-game graphics though 😛


You can play little games like stack rider... from ketchapp


Well I want something like Tekken 3 (which I already play on Android ,Any Tekken 3 fan???)


Well by "Good Games" I meant games with good graphics and Depth. Tekken 3 is what never let's me get bored. Especially Jin Kazama.


And is there a way to decrease graphics of android games that don't have an option for it (Without root, I do have access to a rooted HTC One but I can't use it for playing games).