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Downvotes of codes

Why is it that people downvote codes for no reason. If the person does not like the code the person should not even upvote unless you have a reason for downvoting that code and if the person copied the code from you that means your code is popular or amazing. I will really appreciate if people should stop downvoting codes for no reason.

12/24/2017 1:56:22 PM


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As in, this is part of the internet, where anonymity is ever-present and people of all kinds interact with each other in a single ecosystem. It is impossible to control what others upvote/downvote. Just like how you can encourage people not to downvote legit stuff by explicitly telling them to do so, others may rightfully refuse to abide based on their own will. This is not the first time the issue has been brought up. If you feel like you are being targeted by a certain someone, as in, being downvoted regularly, you may report to SoloLearn for further investigation, but if you're talking about the trend of downvoting in general, there's no stopping of it.


Welcome to the internet, I guess?


@MrCoder can't they translate the language to english before thinking of downvoting it


@Hatsy Rei what do mean by that answer


I've also thought of the down vote button being removed Orr.. sololearn displaying upvote and down vote separately.somepeople down vote for fun


I think its because if the language used isn't English, they downvote cause they can't understand, same happens with post


@Adegbaju Well they're either cant speak english or they have google translated it but it was wrong grammar