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Are there any updates from SoloLearn about getting a more in-depth Java course?

I've noticed that the Java course is a bit lacking compared to say, C++, for example. Perhaps it is because Java is considered slightly higher level than C++, and it is assumed that by the time you get to Java you have more of the basics down. However, it would be nice if there was more background given in the Java course, like there is in the C++ course, for example. Furthermore, as many stated in the 2018 New Year's Resolutions discussion, it would also be nice if the Java course went further in-depth.(1)

12/22/2017 9:03:51 AM


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(2/2) For example, an extension course that demonstrates how to use Processing for Java or creating Applets, as these skills are extremely helpful when it comes to web development. Thanks


The key in this app is ability to practice what you have learnt. How do you think it can be practiced?


@Dima A general walk through for setting things up and getting the gist of it would help. For example, the C++ course teaches you how to set up Code:Blocks and download the compiler, whereas the Java course doesn't go as in depth. I understand Java doesn't need to be as in depth of a course as C++, as it is a higher level language making it easier to learn, but it would be better if it was supplemented with information. So there's the depth of the course but also the breadth (if we could learn more about gaming and applet development).


@Mohamed... Have you had a chance to see the new Lesson Factory feature that was recently released? It's a great start in the right direction where people in the community have another opportunity to contribute in the form of micro lessons. I believe that lessons are submitted for approval by SoloLearn. I'm not as familiar with the details of that review process yet. Take a look and see if you'd be interested in covering some of the areas lacking in the current courses.