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What about create a fortran course?

If there is someone from the SoloLearn Staff reading this, I think fortran is a powerful language, despite its limitations, and deserves space in this learning environment. Also, I'd like to know colleagues' opinion about this.

11/11/2016 8:48:55 PM

Adriano Armani

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I can definitely say that Fortran is a good, but by now, there are newer languages that are easier and stronger. It'd be better to focus on creating a language that wields more power, possibly something like Assembly.


I absolutely agree. The most "ancient" programming language is worth devoting a course on SoloLearn, because it still proves to be very important nowadays in such areas as engineering and scientific fields. Obviously, I think It would be especially useful to have a course focused on one of the most recent versions, like Fortran 2008.


i agree assembly would be great @KetoZ a brainfuck playground would be fun too


I would also to learn Fortran in Sololearn course.


But, bear in mind something; the SoloLearn team has to prioritize what languages to bring to the table. Of course, I'm not saying that these languages are useless (because, they very well aren't), but if you are applying for a job, interviewers would be looking for languages like Java, C++, et cetera. Also, languages like Ruby are derived from other languages. Ruby is derived from Perl, for example. I believe that SoloLearn should focus on more modern languages (though, of course, I won't tell you what to do). (Soon enough, there will be courses for QBasic for all I know. Which, actually, is rather nice for graphics. But whatever, it's just the nostalgia speaking.)