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Anyone else into game mod programming?

I'm currently working on modding the Return To Castle Wolfenstein engine by adding a Direct3D 11 renderer to it. Probably the most challenging code I have ever written as the source is over 300k lines of code and the rendering part is entirely in OpenGL. So far I got the main menu rendering almost done. I am putting this on my GitHub page as soon as I make significant progress. Let me know if you are interested, Cheers

1/6/2018 7:48:31 PM

Karl T.

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Yeah I am. When time allows, would like to contribute. Would need to learn to use the library openGL, to be any help.


Cool. I think Jay had some links for OpenGL tutorials but I am sure you know of some. Im just aware of a few functions myself but what I know was enough to start mainly the texture creation part and texture blending as well as 2d projection for the menu.


@Michael, Well for graphics programming I really recommend the tutorials at . It has everything about DirectX and OpenGL. For mod programming I refer you to "Focus on Mod Programming for Quake 3 Arena" which is on the engine that RTCW uses (IdTech3). You can find the free pdf on the web. As for tools I really like Visual Studio 2017. The Community edition is entirely free for as long as you want. It is very powerful and I use a lot of its features to navigate large projects such as this. The debugger is really good too. GitHub has a "hello world" tutorial on their site that you can easily follow.


300k lines of code 😨


Also check out for a lot of info on various Id Software engines and graphics in general.


Ok for those interested here is my GitHub page.


@Vukan, heh you get used to it after reading the code for several weeks.


@Karl T. I would love to learn game and game mod programming. I've learned multiple languages but still am having the hardest time figuring out where to go next. Any chance you could point me in some direction to further my learning in those areas? Any required or recommended tools? I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything other than a language itself; things like GitHub, Apache, or the openGL mentioned above. All the searching I've done I can't find an explanation I understand on how to truely get started.


I added some pics of the current state of the renderer...


Sure, will join when I get to my pc. Still need to brush up on opengl.