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Font for English text

which fonts are better for English text??

12/17/2017 7:03:03 PM

Amene Zoormand

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دوستان ایرانی یه گروه تلگرام مخصوص پرسش و پاسخ ایجاد کردیم کسانی که تمایل دارند از طریق لینک زیر عضو گروه شوند:


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I do not think there is a "best font" for a language like English Mainly because English lacks a number of symbols that are used in other languages, so choosing a typeface for a page in that language is more about how readable it's the font and its impact is within the design of the page Google offers a good list of typographies, you can sort by popularity and see which is according to your needs


nexa light


use "google fonts"



old school answer to your question. Back when I was coding pages in Notepad we used "Arial" "Helvetica" "Sans serif". Now and since HTML 5 and CSS3 came out it is people using Google fonts. Do a Google search for to 10 Google fonts. Link to them externally just like bootstrap or a external stylesheet or a javascript file. Check out font awesome for some more fun with svg fonts.


always use font family, means use more than one fonts also a good option. try to use the fonts that are generally used by all computer platforms....