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Where can i see my document

11/10/2016 7:44:57 PM

Ivan Morabito

7 Answers

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Apon saving your file, make sure you save it as .html or .htm. I also suggest you save it to your desktop top, so its easy access. Hope that helped :)


Aquarius correctly answered this however if you mistakenly saved it anywhere then you can click save as again you will see the path. if it shows other files in the folder in the save as dialogboxsee their property you will find their path. if you change it then search for it in search bar of windows explorer. if you have previewed it it will be in the browsers history open it from there and see the URL with local file protocol /file:/// you can also find it under recent items history. you can preview it in your browser double click it or use open with you can see it in chrome Firefox opera safari ie or whichever browser


what document?


in your browser.



can i use cpanel?


thanks guys