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For job hunters and head hunters!

If you have a job offer, please place it here. A template for that will look like this: 1. job position 2. requirements 3. advantages 4. description 5. other details and contacts Please do not flood here. Only concret offers. People who wants to apply to the offer: please see the contacts and contact them via email or how you want. Please try to keep this theme as clean as it's possible. I think this should help to find and hire needed people. Thank you.

12/15/2017 2:06:04 PM

Ghena Ramascan

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@Paul Jacobs, I don't guarantee anything. I just want to make a connection between people who needs a specialist, and people who is ready for the offer. All the discussions you should do by yourself via emails, skype, phone calls and so on. This is only the bridge between employer and employee.


@Ipang, agree! Changed the name of the theme. Thank you.


How do you guarantee that a job offer is genuine?


May I suggest to change the thread's title? it was kinda misleading I guess, maybe use something more descriptive, like "For job hunters and head hunters"? as it stands now, people will think you are offering a vacancy or something like that. It's just my idea though, decision is all yours : ) @Ghena much thanks, this is a good movement initiative, hopefully this could bridge all the hunters, so they could find each other : )



i need a job in php as a fresher


Does not look like this thread is being used much for vacancies.


web devlopment but for begginers php or java.


learn and thorough php knowledge recaptulate


juniour web devloper


a good scope in this pl