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Does anyone know a studying technique?

I only recently discovered this app, which I thought would help me to better understand programming. But it does not either. I have a distinct desire to program, however I get to the point where I'm actually learning how and I can't retain a single thing. Does anyone who finds this have a technique they use to study that helps them to retain their coding knowledge beyond the length of the lesson?

11/10/2016 2:42:05 AM


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I used to use because you get to create your own code, often from scratch, which helps in retaining. I'm not currently using it because they don't have c++, but I definitely recommend it for everything else. also try making your own codes as soon as possible! good luck! enjoy the adventure!😊


repetition, and if you don't understand something don't move on until you figure it out. Also make sure you know what every single thing does and its process from start to finish for example #include <iostream> I am including a libary. the computer has to get this information from somewhere because it doesn't know what cout or cin means so we #include the libary named "iostream" int main() Two things here "int" is type and main() is a function after the function main does whatever it is going to do it returns its type which is "int" which stands for integer or numbers in the number line. { in between these brackets is my code i could do amazing things in here or i could chose to do nothing it's my call cout << "Hi!"; I chose to say Hi! by using the print function cout then when i return 0; use << "Hi"; i tell the computer that i want "Hi" to go to cout } and cout print it out for me semicolons are like periods so we used that as well. finally return 0; is the number that the program returns at the end of it all it doesn't have to be 0 it could be 7 but we you use it to make sure the program made it to the end.And also because our type was int in the beginning of the function int main() we had to return an integer regardless. oh and after #include <iostream> you have to type: using namespace std; and this is because actually type the cout function is like this std::cout instead of like this cout but if you add using namespace std; after your library you don't have to do it the long way