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Advices for wordpress web developing

I want to make a website where users can sign up and post stories of their own in certain categories which will get through a verification process by the admin. After verification,it will be displayed on the category page.Now many suggested me buddypress but I wanted to know if there is anything else. I don't want people to add friends or do private chats. I would like it to be more like sololearn with follow options. Any plugins, themes(wont be making one from scratch) you can suggest? 😃

12/12/2017 2:26:11 PM

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Firstly, Head over to Settings » General page in your WordPress admin area. Scroll down to the ‘Membership’ section and check the box next to ‘Anyone can register’ option. And Then Choose the user role, make sure not to make them administrator. and then Create a custom Sign up form using WPforms plugins, and activate the plugin and go with the flow


A well-designed website is must for any brand that wants to stand out. When it comes to picking a platform, WordPress is a popular go-to for companies of all sizes, due to its flexibility and ease of use. If you’re eager to build a fresh web presence for your business, the Hiring Headquarters—Upwork’s resource for businesses, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs—has resources to help you make key design decisions and find the freelance talent to get the job done. These tips will help you navigate best practices for using WordPress so you can get the most out of your site.


Advice for WP devs: please learn something like angular, node, css/html and write your own good code ;)


Learn PHP if you want to use WordPress.


To ask people to post their stories in public is not easy u should give them privacy like opt1 share with follower/or friend opt2 share with everyone u can also choose best story of the week 🙌🙌🙌


php can build a dynamic website which can make a form, some action like calculate, button and so on.. php also can build an access control which can be access for administrator and for user only.. and maybe for user login you can make a database which can select who was registered..


WordPress advice? Set your computer on fire right now!


buddyPress is a combination of several CMS including WordPress: WordPress for the aspect blogging, bbpress for aspect forum, WordPress MU to the side multi-user. For your website, I think you can choose WordPress; it will more simple to manage but buddyPress would be more indicated for a social network like facebook.


WordPress or buddypress???


Some of the best plugins you can use are: • Wordfence • Anti-spam • WP Optimise ... For more info. See this Theme: The Columnist. The columnist is a WordPress blog theme featuring a magazine style look. It comes with different layouts for homepage, archives, single pages, bbPress, and BuddyPress. It also includes a responsive customisable slider and four color schemes. More info on


thanks folks! lol, I didn't expect it to go trending 😂 anyway, I will be starting my work on making the desired site!


which is the best WordPress or buddypress? I didn't heard about buddypress.


There are plugins for user submitted posts, they allow the user publish posts without using the WP-Admin and also allows approval before the posts can be seen. WordPress is great for that purpose.


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It's cool thing and shortly speaking WordPress - is an easy way to install and use an open source content management system that is widely used to build websites. Scope - from blogs to complex websites.👍 And really cool thing in WordPress - you can pop pup tips on your website!!😉✋.Also you have some free templates


Try LineDay theme is fancy and w/ background picture. But If you want the web more contrastly try Twenty seventeen If you want some posts plugin try bbpress or install asgaros forum... I am using WP for 3 or 4 months and I have experiences so i Can help you ;-)


Eww. Don't use WordPress.


Learn php, and some html


Wordpress seems good choice.


But more plugins means more load on the website.