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Random spin winner from ‘Google search’ CODE created by Rahul Kumar

EDIT here: This came from the code section when I was looking at peoples codes they created. The one that codes ‘google search’ I pressed Run and the advertisement thing popped up. Has anyone else on this so received a random chance to win a gift card of some type with a spinning wheel? I supposedly won 1000 Walmart but didn’t do the massive amount of questions to supposedly obtain this card. Just wondering if it is real. Said it choose a random person from this app to give the prize to.

12/9/2017 3:07:41 AM

Christopher Truebe

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@Christopher Truebe SoloLearn never promotes such events. If you have received this kind of ads, please review the other sites/apps that you might be running in the background. For the others, please refrain from jumping to conclusions. We are here to help, not to condemn.


This is not programming related at all, so it contradicts Sololearn content creation guidelines. For detailed information read this. https://www.sololearn.com/Content-Creation-Guidelines


👎 Not allowed here. But well, thanks for info.