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Challenges on Web version

Is there Play Section for Web version? If yes, how to find it?

11/8/2016 8:54:57 AM

K. T.

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it is too difficult to write complete code on mobile in challenges please bring challenge to web


For now there is no option to play a challenge on web.


please bring challenge to web


yes please bring the challenge here.. :D


I would be happy to see challenges in Web version, too.


there is no section for challenges in the web version.. hope sololearn to bring challenges to web version not just in the app.


I can't challenge from office, because my lead complains that I am using mobile more time ;). Please bring it on web, so that I can cheat and challenge :)


Yes. We need challenge option in web version also.


yes please bring the challenge


Need challenge section in web also..


please add, I won't even bother with a challenge on a mobile


Yep, I would prefer to use web version too.


please please please


please include challenge option in web!


please add this . our eyes is crying for small mobile screens ))


Agreed. I have lost challenges because the whole problem doesn't display on the screen at once especially when the keyboard is up on the screen. Having a full size monitor and keyboard would really help with challenges. I wish you could have a longer set time to do the math as well.


I need challenge on web too. please please please. I like challenge but on mobile, It hardest to use small screen to challenge.


we need chalenges in web version, looks like you prefer apps because they are more wealthy for ads and rating in googleplay, you can also add ads to web version and make money from the website ranking, am i right??


still no challenges on the web version


Please bring challenges to the web! Or, make a desktop app. It doesn't make all that much sense to code on a mobile device because nobody codes like that in real life. So the only way I'm going to do challenges is on the desktop, and for that to happen please make either a desktop app, or a web challenges feature!