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Useful and Helpful Tools for Young Startup Teams

Hello, me and my friend are 15 and we have come up with an idea of focusing in Android Apps. We already have ideas and a pretty small unprofessional team which includes about 5-10 amateur graphic designers and a few programmers. My question is, what helpful and useful tips and tools may we use to: 1. Increase our low till none budget 2. Get more people into our projects 3. Start profiting before releasing bigger projects 4. Succeed in our goals and lower the chances of failure and suffering.

5th Dec 2017, 12:59 PM
Eldar Bakerman
2 Answers
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i'm a programmer, so i write this answer for your team's programmers: 1- be sure that more programmer doesnt mean faster development 2- use a source control, i prefer git 3- if you want others to join you, make your project open source, then automatically a lot of interested people will join you, you can use github 4- manage your tasks, (you should know what you have to **exactly** do), there are a lot of tools for that, use github itself, or jira, asana and etc 5-it seems you have 5 programmer, make sure they are sync together, assign them tasks that they can do well 6-always test your project. i know it will take a lot of time, so automate tests, write unit and integrated test (in android, junit, espresso and ...), run tests before you commit the changes (if you use git), make it more automated with ci tools like travis ci, and test your project in free labs like firebase test lab 7- if time matters, and it's a real good idea, dont reinvent the wheel again, use awesome libraries to speed up your work I hope you the best friend, share your google play application link, after the work successfully finished and sorry for my bad english, and it was just my idea about team working
6th Dec 2017, 7:28 AM
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5th May 2018, 10:29 AM
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