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what the usefulness of the program Python? and we can do anything with Python?

12/4/2017 9:39:15 AM

Faza Izzya

2 Answers

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Hello, Python is not "too large to be forgotten." He can very quickly lose his popularity. Pascal and Delphi were in a narrow niche, despite the fact that they remained delightful languages ​​even after the birth of the C # and .NET framework. Most of all, their fall was affected by improper management. People are still working on Pascal, but are there many people who start writing new projects on it? Deplhi does not work on iPhone and Android. It is not very well integrated into the UNIX market. And to be honest, in some areas, Python is already taking positions. Python was quite popular in the field of computer games, but this train has long gone. In the web community, new competitors appear as mushrooms after the rain, and whether we like it or not, JavaScript is increasingly coming to Python's position as a scripting programming language. Hope this help!


thanks for the answer, very helpful