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Creation of a website; thoughts?

I'm learning programming languages one at a time and have started to see, firsthand, the value of each language. I'm confident in my learning abilities and what I've learned up til this point, however, I'm now questioning which programming language(s) I should focus/dive in on, If I'd like to create a fully operational website from scratch. Any thoughts?

12/1/2017 9:25:27 PM

R Solis

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If you want to create websites you should try this order: HTML ➡ CSS ➡ JavaScript ➡ PHP ➡ SQL ➡ Anything else you fancy! 😉


My answer as of yet, a combination of html, css, and python. Good answer?


html and javascript for the beginning. some css can be useful too but is not necessary.


Stick with HTML and JavaScript! Use CSS if you really wanna get creative!