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Dats d code

<!-- Media section start --> <div class="section"> <h1><span>My Media</span></h1> <iframe height="150" width="300" src="https://youtube/L_N0fPycEGw"allowfullscreen frameborder="0"></iframe> </div> <!-- Media section end -->


12/1/2017 9:16:44 PM

osama okunbo

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Yes, dats d code. What do we need to do with d code? Why did you post d code? You can post d code on Code Playground if you want to share it.


its d code to my previous question:d media is showing err not recognized


Oh, sorry 😧 Then could you please post it in the Code Playground? We might be able to see what is causing the error.


d code alredi is in codeplayground