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Functional programming in Java

I need to learn functional programming in Java. Any advise? good reference? helpful web page?

11/28/2017 4:41:25 PM

Vahid Shirbisheh

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I too wish to learn, so let's wait for the answers 😄


@Yerucham I have book on FP in Java by Subramaniam. But I want to make sure if it is good introduction to subject or I should read another book. So hopefully somebody knows more than me and shares her experience.


Where I learnt functional programming in Java -


My plan is to reach to a state of good understanding of Java first. After that I might study other languages too.


@Dev ah Udacity, always helpful



I would suggest .


For the people who are really interestrd, I would suggest Software Development Fundamentals course which is a Java course using Eclipse IDE and part of a Micr Masters course from University of Penn.. Happy CODING


How about Scala? It's a functional language running on the JVM.