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Can a Graphics Designer Learn Code

Am a graphics designer and am looking forward to blend my skill with coding. I want to use in the the fashion of building user interface. Please is it a good move to learn code and would it be just a waste of time?

11/26/2017 8:34:34 PM

Kojo Kumi

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its ur choice to make bro, but it would be a great idea If you learn how to code


It's Sololearn: Everyone. Can. Code.


var gd = "graphicDesigner"; if gd === code { return "The coding Gods have granted you safe passage to coding heaven"; } else { return "Sorry dude, welcome to eternal torment in Adobe hell. Where the food is aweful and the employees fart constantly during yoga."; } Learning to code is never a waste of time. plus its fun.


Try to find an article by John Maeda. He answered to your question🤗


It depends on what you want to do in the future.


Everybody can code😁 , some creative people can code Sololearn 🤗


every person should improve his personal skills, even an engineer, or a constructor or any body else. So, you should do that.


Many commercial design solutions have built-in automation tools (scripting). Saavy designers will use these to save themselves work, reduce mistakes, and coordinate with technology services. Because you can perform "should be automated" tasks better than designers who won't bother getting too technical (as if that's the issue) you can even bill more -- not just because you're faster, but because you actually spend more time developing your unique skills vs. getting stuck doing what amounts to the factory work of design. Here's an example: "With InDesign scripting support, you can automate tedious production tasks such as placing and replacing images, correcting errors in text, and preparing files for printing..." Even if you are not using these tools, my point is ... designers learn scripting (coding) as a way to give them more flexibility and get back to designing.


Anyone that can breathe ,can code... Can you?😛


solo learn : where everyone can learn to code. literally everyone.


I'm a programmer and a graphics artist / animator. 'Nuff said.


I cannot create beautiful and artistic graphics, as I maybe am lacking sense of art, yet I can learn to code, you already have something that I don't, that's a plus, and with your will, I definitely believe you can, so, yeah, like all friends here said after all, it's SoloLearn, everyone can code, then so can you :)


Learning to code is never a waste of precious time. ;)


of cource if you have time you can learn


I'm a primary school teacher, just getting into my third week on SoloLearn and I'm already convinced that in a year or two I'll be able to use coding for the benefit of my profession. Not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but I'm pretty sure this applies to you too. Just get started and you'll find out the (graphic) possibilities along the way. And don't forget it's fun learning new stuff!


Ford once said: “if you think you can, or if you think you can’t; you are right!” Get it? 😉


Hey I'm a graphics designer and I can code heck even coding can help your design work by doing automation and making personal websites and portfoilos


Definitely it is a good idea to learn to code. These days companies and Startups are looking for composite skills it would we awesome if you can give them UX DESIGN + UX CODE I assume you already have the understanding of design principles now all you have to do is learn few technologies to put your ideas into reality. You will be fab 👌👌👌 Go ahead tackle coding head on !!! (It's fun when you see your ideas taking shape )


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Depends on what you actually design with knowledge gained is a waste of time so I suggest it might help you. And yeah it's SOLOLEARN:everyone can code #kuba