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Adding friend

Can anyone tell me how to add a friend in sololearn when you are opening it in web page.

11/22/2017 7:58:58 AM

Hemant Singh

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In Sololearn, you don't really "add friends", clearly this doesn't work like the popular social media platforms. All you meet here are like- minded people having an ardent interest in programming working on a variety of languages. If you want to interact with your peers, there isn't any private chat option, instead, you have to post it on a platform that envitably has public accessibility. If you are interested with the developments associated with a certain user in Sololearn, you have an option to follow them. Plus, there aren't any barriers in making someone as a friend, as far as my experience goes here,so sharing your knowledge and getting inspired by someone's work is graciously welcome here.


But how CAN I follow someone? Where's the 'follow' button?


There should still be a way how to work on projects together instead of it being "SOLO"



Can any one tell how to follow someone


Really it's a great platform for like minded people!


We can only follow people from the mobile app version, sadly that also applies for challenges :(


Can anyone tell me how to fallow friend in sololearn