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Will coding become obsolete in development?

I know, the question is a litte bit provocative :D Of course, we will always need clean code, but what I mean is: There are more and more interactive, GUI-based coding solutions, just like the Unity Engine editor. Very often you could automatically generate code by defining architecture and patterns. Do you think, that development will make a shift to design rather than to working directly on the code?

11/20/2017 9:50:56 PM

Robert Paulson

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Not at all. I've been listening to this since i was in college and i'm still coding, 25 years. What happens is that some technologies like web development come closer to the final user everyday so right now my first client doesn't need a developer to renew his website. Maybe he will use WIX or something like that. But what if, for example, you need something like a booking system for a hotel or a delivery application for a restaurant? Maybe is a payroll, you name it. They cannot do that on their own. There this people are going to need a developer to create this thing that makes their business unique and productive.


nope. (IMO) someone has to make these tools. besides if we all turn to this kind of development we will never progress any further than the point at which the tools were created. Imagine if you will: We all started using a gui based coding solution back in the old days of cga/ega. Would we have ever had found the need for VGA, SVGA etc? Would anyone's code pushed the boundaries of the hardware available at the time?


Perhaps the workforce will reduce but unlikely to become obsolete. GUI tools vs Programming is like ready-to-wear/mass produced clothing vs custom-tailored wear. It all boils down to client's requirement and budget. 😉


Who is writing those Development tools? The coder ! :D


As the human race evolutes we would always find cheaper ways to do things!Our coding skills made us develop this engines in the first place so they shouldn't be a problem now.But we must still use raw coding sometimes cos if we don't those engines will never develop past this point they are now..


Engines have been around for ages, and it's far from being a replacement for programming or any of the other duties required to create a game. Unity's IDE just brings everything together in a nice designer so you don't have to waste all of your time recreating something that's already been created for you. It simply makes development easier on you. It's the difference between being able to pull out a tire from your trunk and replace the flat, and having to find a rubber tree, make a tire, etc... etc... etc... just to replace your flat. Either option, you're still required. Another example is if we recreated every previous piece of technology each and every time we went to create something new. As for back in the day, engines were often used back then also. Take most of the adventure games from the late 80s/90s for example, many of them ran on SCUMM. Even further, take games like Heretic, Hexen, etc... - all created from the Doom engine. Duke Nukem? Shadow Warrior? Quake and the many games that ran off the Quake engine? Unreal/Unreal Tournament and all the games that ended up being created from the Unreal Engine? Half-Life and all of the games created from their engines? As you can see, engines are used everywhere, and it'd be much easier to list all of the games that aren't created from an already created engine. As well, as you can see, programmers didn't lose their jobs over it, and if anything, a bigger need for programmers has appeared.


Eventually, coding might become obsolete...just like everything else. But not anytime soon. There are 3 common myths that people use to talk about the “end of code” and why it’s approaching. Myth 1: “Machine Learning Will Make Programming Irrelevant.” Myth 2: “It’s easier than ever to make a website, so we don’t need code.” Myth 3: “Coding is tedious, and people don’t want to do it.” Well, programming is certainly challenging. But most programmers enjoy it. They work on a side-project for fun so that they have full control and the ability to build something they love. So, the reality is this: Coding isn’t dead. And it isn’t dying. We’re currently living through the golden age of coding.


I say no. There are languages ​​like cobol that have a long time to exist and are still used. Following that premise, I think that regardless of whether there exist or come to be tools that facilitate coding, developers will remain vital


never! the coding always will be the base of all automatic tools and every thing else.


To become a respected professional in software development today requires a high level of expertise in a variety of skills. At the very least, we need to be able to translate our English solutions into software implementations. Not only does it need to be technically correct, it needs to be commercially viable. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to have a solid understanding of business. This enables you to effectively gather and negotiate requirements from all professionals and ensure our software survives the test of time. Business demands that software be a long term investment that pays dividends over years or even decades. Very rarely is software expected to last only weeks.


If you could create a perfect code generator 🤖🤗


:/ c++ has pointers. I know several people who know assembly and still use it (albeit only for the rare optimisation of c code). Sure there are many high level languages available but they still and probably will always lack the performance and flexibility of lower level languages. Coding will never go away. It may get easier and more accessible with various tools that become available but there will always be a need for someone to know what is happening behind the scenes of said tools.


Naaaaa...That can't happen. The code is very powerful in design and development. It can produce almost anything..the code is full of novelty...designing tools are meant for those who are much interested in the finished product.


in modern engines like unity ue4 and also non open engines like frostbite cryengine etc.. usually designers doesn't have to code, they use the tools provided, BUT coders are still required! they build those tools and develop new graphics features, functionality and so on. A big engine needs a lot of maintenance, tweaks, updates and also every game, especially the AAA ones needs many customizations.


Over a long period of time, technology has improved communications but that still can't erase the need of paper work. Just like paper work has stood the test of time, real coding will stand. There are many problems to be solved in the world and machines won't solve them for us. It will require beings who can think and reason. In short, coding is here to stay till end of time. But there will be advancements in languages or even better, more programming languages


I doubt development will disappear ever. Debugging edge cases and developing new features is important. A few industries you might look at would be shoes, clothing, manufacturing in general. Sure, some of them seem like they are fashion and design changes but the R and D is where the work and money is. A more durable / less durable / brighter / less expensive / engineered product. Machine learning and Ai might change things but... In all honesty we have no idea how at this point. It could turn out to be a John Henry vs. the steam engine situation but, people are passionate about things, Ai... not so much ... so far.


I don't think so! Development won't go furter without human implication, because machines can't do more than they were set to. Imagination brought humanity to such a high level and taking us to the next one won't be done by machines.


Everything evolve and surly coding does to. Regarding history we notice that almost every profession has it's peak. We don't know if this is it, maybe there is still a long way up. But let's just be prepared. I guess that one day computer will be able to code by themselves. Evolution, we used to make machines, now machines make themselves, who can tell if the same thing will happen with coding.


A great guy named Simple Programmer on YouTube pretty much answers this question in an interesting and sensible way. The short of it and IMHO, no. We will always need coders. We can't possibly know what the distant future (only a little with assumptions) holds for software/web development, like those that coded in assembly language. He gave the idea that at some point development layers of complexity "collapse" for new layers (easier/higher?) on top of those as we move forward.


Well one of my teachers said wizziwigs always mess up. so who will be there to fix them and clean up their mess??? The answer is us coders.