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Why do JavaScript programmers wear glasses?

because the can't C# or C like comment if you liked the joke

11/4/2016 10:19:33 PM


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because they can not ( c# ) = see sharp . they know only javascript


The original joke is Java vs. C# 😋


Working as a programmer is a Difficult job many hours infront of computer Affect Our Eye So Programmers basically Wear glasses.....


Its similar to the Salem Witch trials if you've heard of those. They would do tests to see if they were actually a witch. Most of the time they weren't. Computers were never supposed to be released to the public. The world was supposed to stay in global darkness. It would've allowed the military more control over the population. But information got leaked and inventors slowly reconfigured the computer. When computers were released to the public, many thought they were magical because of the things they could accomplish. And the people who used these computers had to be equally as magical to be able to bend them to their will like that. Disgraced by the population, such people had to hide they used computers. Only problem was that if you stare at a screen for hours, you know how your eyes hurt after awhile? Well they also wear off a special coating on your eyes that humans have evolved to protect against light from a lightbulb since it is different from light from the sun or a candle. And when this coating wears off, your eyes reflect light differently. And some people can spot this. To solve this, computer users started wearing glasses so that the coating will not wear off that quickly. Now that computers are generally accepted there is not much need for glasses as a programmer unless you have a vision problem. But some still wear them because it has become the iconic dress of a programmer. Plus it looks cool.


Because the glasses are made of Ruby.


Because they can't c# (c sharp) - like see sharp , or see clearly" if you can't get the joke you obviously can't c either!


why's c always picking on c++? it's got no class.


“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” very long pause…. “Java.”


besides the vision problem... I just noticed that programmers lack sense of humor lol


I drink java and also C#. and dont wear glasses😂


that joke was bad 😒


Reply to initial post


I loled. Thanks for that.


Why you tagged this C++? You should tag it Java, C#


because js programmers are front end developers, and many times they use to work also with css / html. Looks like that is the reason, since the js code is pretty clear, and it is almost the same as any other language


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Hey! I like JavaScript!


Actually (most) glasses focus light, so the layer or lens or whatever you said it was would actually wear off more quickly.


I also can't C but I don't wear glasses.