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Suggestion+poor attemp at promoting someone!

I want to share with you some wonderful codes of a very unknown user who does an incredible work, with a hope of letting you discover something cool. In a further extend, I could highly appreciate a "SL User Of The Day" celebration to replace all these repetitive "Friend day". It would give support to newer coders. SL is pretty unfair about support imo.

11/20/2017 12:12:20 PM

Dapper Mink

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Some months back, there used to be a "Profile of the Day" at least twice a month. For some reason, it's discontinued.


A real coder πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘πŸΌ


Krishna, oh I wasn't aware of it Too sad it stopped!


Pas de quoi :) I didn't expect to make him code of the day and I can only be extremely surprised and amazed about it ^^"


Thanks for checking! :) Also yes ^^" but I recommend sololearn to beginners only, otherwise the app is way too basic ^^


I can't get the code to work, as I'm running old crappie system, but I believe it as @Calvin and Quentin said it is, I know these guys are objective, you have my support, up voted!


Enjoy it as much as possible then :)


thanks for the knowledge @Krishna


this post was very kind and selfless from your side. merci.


I checked him out because I saw his "code of the day", it is really nice work! And I agree with you that there should be a "User of the Day" celebration instead of the "Friend Day" thing. I would suggest SL to anyone interested in coding anyways so I don't need to be constantly reminded to do so.


Agreed. I was thinking more like suggesting SL to people wanting to start learning how to code with no experience doing so. which is basically where I was at when I joined. I mean, I'm still a beginner so SL isn't too basic for me yet either! lol