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Which is more fun coding or drugs??

Coding is more fun than drugs!! what do you say guys?? Do upvote if you agree too! Have a good day mate❤

11/19/2017 8:45:43 PM


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its better to lead a life with happiness in good ways than destroying ourselves say no to drugs people,get addicted to coding instead.Lead life happier❤


its like you fear im gonna get more than 1k upvotes.Never mind mate its not gonna happen not even 5 upvotes maybe and more over all im trying to say is "say no to drugs"and use your talents.You may comment it cheap because you saw it through your mind but all i wanted is to see people promting good things and saying no to bad ones.Anyway you have your rights to comment go on..


don't do drugs kids


I think there needs to be more context. I mean, I wouldn't take a laptop to a club and spend all night coding my tits off. At the same time, I wouldn't sit at my desk for 6 hours straight staring into space.


Coding give you a life.. Drug give away your life..


I don't think this question belongs on Sololearn. And it is a bit cheap asking for upvotes when the answer is obvious.