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Powershell Course

i appreciate all the course you have made for us at free cost, could you please consider adding powershell course in sololearn. thanks Mo

11/4/2016 11:16:40 AM

Mohamed Ali Nur

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I would be very interested in a powershell course.


ps course is appreciated too


linux shell as well, please


I would appreciate it too!


Nowhere does powershell courses, so it would be really interesting if Sololearn did. I think it should prioritise bash though. The Linux shell is a lot more useful to a lot more people.


A PowerShell module would be absolutely amazing.


Powershell would be a great course like the updated powershell 5.0 for windows 10 and server 16-19, because windows made powershell understand mac commands and linux commands,also I did a course on udemy from Paul hill for $10 and I became good with powershell, I use powershell daily for working with servers, for updating, etc


I would love a PS course. We use powershell at work and a class here would be crazy helpful.