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SoloLearn Code Playground user input mechanism needs improvement

When I run programs on code playground the page requires all input to be entered upfront. It would be great if the input can be entered during the execution of the program when needed similar to what happens with every major IDE / editor. Code Playground is great but could be even better. What do you think?

11/17/2017 7:15:25 PM

Red Hawks

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SoloLearn is for user to learn the basics of programming languages. If somebody wants to make advanced code, he/she can test it local and post it here. So I agree with @Jamie.


but then you need a permanent internet connection or a client siede execution. What is about a virus???


or the SoloLearn App was build as a sandbox.



As for what I think, I think it's something that's tricky for anyone that does it and there is a lot to consider for the safety of your users and your servers. The code is being compiled and executed on their servers, rather than on your local machine. This is why it's severely restricted compared to what you can do on your own computer. As well, this is open to the public and to everyone in the world, which is a lot of people (19 million last I counted) using SoloLearn. Imagine if I decided to write malicious code and posted up the link for you all, and Code Playground did nothing to prevent me from harming you all. Since SL is free, I could create another account and keep doing that to cause harm to the users of SL and potentially their servers. I understand completely what you're saying though, and I've even seen other sites that were able to accomplish that. However, it's what we have here for now, and their main focus is on adding more content that we all want. I'm sure they'll eventually evolve all of their systems, but for now it's what we got.


I truly agree. Perhaps we need to program our own input box.


Analyze it. How would this be done? (If you're not sure, I can work through it with you -- it's an opportunity for me to see something new, too)


Just not that, there's much room for improvement. It's servers are A BIT slow too. And no GUI programming for Java, even in the presence of cross platform stuff like LibGDX.


I've thought of this severally,the code playground needs a serious upgrade.Sometimes i found out some things work on but fail here thereby I can't work on that code!


C++ Shell is a good example. Input / output is handled quite nicely. Hope we can have the same interaction on code playground.


complex codec improvment by the java 9


I emailed this question to SoloLearn last week. No response yet.


I hands down agree with @Netkos Ent on this. great answer man


How to add multiple input in code playground


For python