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Which programming language should I learn first ?

Hey everyone I want to know what should I learn first as I'm a newbie here.

11/4/2016 6:42:43 AM


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For beginners I recommend to study Python and only afterwards begin to learn the order of C ++ >> Ruby >> JAVA. For learn of the web: HTML >> CSS >> JavaScript. JS it cool! JS client-side exec browser! Node.js server-side exec you code async and not blocked io!!


It depends on what you want to study: Web development, app development, embedded systems... Here are some languages that you can learn. 🌐 WEB DEVELOPMENT: - HTML + CSS + Javascript (for beginners) - PHP, Java / Asp.Net / Perl / Ruby(dynamic languages) - SQL (for querys in databases) 💻 DESKTOP AND 📱 MOBILE DEVELOPMENT: - Windows/Linux/MacOs - Java - Windows and Linux - C#.Net - MacOS - Swift/Objective-C - Android -> Java - iOS -> Swift/Objective-C - Windows Mobile -> C#.Net ➕ Other languages: C, C++, Rust, Python, Ruby, Erlang,...


it really depends on what you want to do. higher level languages can screw with your knowledge base but can be very useful (like python) but lower level languages can give you a lot more control with a lot more work (assembly) the first rollercoaster tycoon is rumored to have been created with assembly. the lowest level we can do being binary which would take ages to program in. Every language runs down to binary eventually. if you want to do web dev, there are five basic languages you'll want to pick up from here (html, css, javascript, php, sql). if you want a more diverse set of applications there are two good ones to use, python, and java(not javascript). python is essentially a streamlined version of C++. C++ is a lower level than python and is used in programming things like browsers, the google search engine, stuff like that. remember the lower the level, or the closer to binary, the more you can do but it takes more work. python can essentially do pretty much everything c++ can do. some languages require a compiler, some don't. you can do the intros to each language on here to find that out for yourself. so in summary, it depends on what you want to do with your programming. I recommend learning a lower level/mid level like c++ or the easier to learn python first, that way (once you wrap your head around it) you can have a broader understanding of the roots and process of the languages, and a lot more fun with the projects. a raspberry pi or arduino for example (google them) have a lot of physical fun projects that teach you a lot and all can be done in python or c++. if it's your first time go with the fun one, you can always learn more languages, in fact it's usually necessary anyway. at the end of the day they all come back down to binary. learn one you learn part of another, it's the way it works (maybe not true with higher level like html, and css, higher level is more human friendly and tends to restrict itself). learn to speak to the machine friend and SkyNet may yet spare you :p


first learn basic c


Web development: HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript & SQL. Linux/Cloud/IoT/Data Analysis: Python, SQL, R. App development: Java, C#, Swift , Python Embedded systems: C, C++ , Python If you don't have any programming experience, i'd start with Python.


html, html5, css, javascript -- first if (love microsoft) { learn c# } else {learn java, c++}


First exercise basic algorithms and loops that are used in every programming languages. After that decide for which platform you have to start development. func() { practice ; internet search ; // for more information } void main(){ if (decision == (machines && hardware)) { learn c ++ ;. func(); learn c ;. func(); learn Python;. func(); } if(decision==(android&&Web development) { learn JavaScript ;func(); learn html;func(); learn CSS;func(); learn PHP ;func(); learn CGI;func(); } func();func();func();func();func(); cout<<"you are now a developer"; }


Thank for answering. I'll do C++.


I'm studying Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna and my study course started with C, which is not an OOP language, to let us understand why there is the need for objects, then we will focus on Java an C# and other languages. But most of the programming languages ar C-based, so I think it's important to study this language.


start with python


It depends on your interest.I started with C followed by C++ .


I think C and Java are both good for a strong base. C is a very simple and clean language,but it requires good attention to detail and solid understanding of basic concepts. With a bit of practice you'll have a strong base. Java would be great to learn and understand, but may be a bit overwhelming at first until you understand how Object Oriented Programming works. I wouldn't recomment C++ since it's pretty much Java and C together (C + Objects), and learning it first might result in bad habits. I started from Java, then learned C, and in my opinion starting from C would have been less confusing to me.


Ignore people that say you HAVE to learn a language first. Use whatever works best for what your doing




For Web developing ...HTML . HTML5..CSS...JAVASCRIPT i think that will help in web design for beginners..


I recommend you to learn c++ first ,then c (it is nothing but a subset of c++) ,Java , python etc


It depends on what your focus is on.


for beginners i recommend Python


it will be depend on you! what are you trying to do?


Depends on the ultimate goal. Html is a pretty easy one to learn. I started with java. Stay away from c++ etc for now might discourage a newbie. Hope tgis info helps. Good luck