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Why all it users don't use linux ?

Linux is very stable, riche AND very usefull. riche with many AND many iditor of développement . Tools AND games its profetional AND very use full . in Your point of vie whey ?

11/16/2017 1:21:15 PM

Larbi Belmiloud

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Operating Systems are just tools like everything else. Why limit yourself to just one thing when you find use in various things? It shouldn't even be a debate of what you should use, or that you should use one over another, as they're each useful in their respectful ways and one should use what suits them best for whatever they do. Personally, I use both Windows and Linux, so there isn't much of a debate for me. Some things that I do is best suited for Linux, whereas many others are best suited for Windows. For servers, I've always preferred Linux over Windows, but for most other things, such as my games and most development tasks, I prefer using my Windows 10 instead. Again, it's all about what works best for you in various situations and being wise enough to utilize your various tools that are available to you. As well, your personal preference is a part of what works best for you, so it's more about what you like than anything else. @Uria I've been using Windows 10 since they allowed the free upgrade from Windows 7, and so far I've had nothing but good experiences with it. It's my favorite version to date. I don't recall the last time I've crashed out or gotten a blue screen, so that's a plus, especially for Windows. lol As for software, there is a lot of software that I use which doesn't have a Linux port, so for me to be 100% linux isn't logical or rational for the things that I do.


@uria . on linux we can all sow use some module as mono or wine for .net AND ms based développement . personnally i préfère linux for debuging problèmes AND fixe them


on case of linux GNU . ils more butter to enjoy AND use open source software as i do :) asek me about open source software


welcome :)


@Iarvy I've just started to learn this system, so this discussion is very interesting for me and I can learn a lot :)


Actually many programmers do use linux. I've switched to linux lately (and I am very happy). 1. I think for a programmer it takes time to build for him/herslef its best working station. 2. many start on Win and then you don't go so fast to throw it away, can be it might wait for 3-4 years till they get a new computer or so. 3. Recently with Win 10 development experinece should have increaced drastically so might be even more would stay with it. (I stayed with Win 7 till I switched to linux so I would like to hear others sharing from thier own experience) 4. If there is someone else using the same computer, and for them might not be such an improvment to move to linux. 5. I am not sure about this one by I think might be since many applications still has to be written for Win, it should also be written on it or at least heavily tested on it. Would like to hear others opinion :)


if they dont, they should


Who say anybody use Linux? :-0


I love ubuntu and I can't work with windows