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Windows/Linux/Ubuntu/MacOS? WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?

Windows/Linux/Ubuntu/MacOS? WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?

11/12/2017 11:31:23 AM

mahima singh

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There is no the best. Each system has its own advantages.


Linux is the best for coding, Windows is the worst for coding (except c#)


ubuntu uses linux... lol. mac uses unix, which linux uses I think?




linux is better suited for development and developers. Windows is the worst but that's just out of the big three operating systems. Yes you can get away with only coding on Windows, it's just a bit harder. better to think of it as linux 1st place mac 2nd place Windows 3rd place than Windows being the worst.


Everyone of them has pros and cons...surely Windows has the highest compatibility with programs and if you need to code perhaps it could be the best one, but then it depends on what you want to do...I mean, there's not a best one that it's better than the others in everything, it's up to you and to your goals


I use Linux and Windows dual boot. based on the requirement I use win or linux


@Ahri Fox I don't think can code also on the notepad or on the paper, without a computer, so everyone is good if you need to write a code. Then if you talk about executing the code, Windows allows you to execute almost everything, this is sure


I really would like to know why windows is the worst for coding. you can install everything in windows even linux subsistem itself


actually alot of programmers use windows to cods