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If Mr Nikolay Nachev is reading this..............

How do you do it......? you sir are an inspiration. ...!

11/8/2017 9:19:29 AM


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@Trump - I was a marine engineer (I am no longer actively sailing), but actually I had much more time for challenges while I was on board than I do now and while I was doing something like 250 per day back then, now I can do 100-150.


@Tanyaradzwa - Thanks and I am awlays glad to hear that someone is inspired to learn, nevermind if by me or something/one else! Curiosity and persistance are the key for me... 😃😃😃


@KAVI - no problem at all, the other thing is regardless of the common opinion, I don't stay in the app 24/7, I go to work and have some real life to take care of and my challenge que gets to about 100 till the evening when I actually have some time to play 😉


@Pierre - thanks! Long way to 1M though 😆


@Uvaish - you are absolutely correct after a while there is nothing more one can learn from challenges. For me that's my way to relax in the evening - still doing what I love (in a way), but without any pressure and need to be 100% concentrated in what you do 😁


Just keep challenging and learn from your mistakes.


@Pegasus - done. 😃


@sir nikolay,hands down,youre the best I've met here!!


congrats sir 200k xp you did it so fast 😊😊


@KAVI - I do not like challenge spams: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/673642/?ref=app and the Hall of Fame is discontinued for some time now: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/841768/?ref=app


@Pegasus - under a different name though 😉


Lol mind changing it? 😂


@Nicolay: 500k is the next step :)


seriously @ Trump........... going to sir Nikolay Nachev profile makes to keep working on sololearn, untill i get a full blown skill chart all round (100%)


Checking out @nikolay's profile is energising enough for me. Persistence works !


I am surprised that you can do all these challenges, you're great. Keep going


@KAVI It is unfair to me, who fought to have my names 4 times on the Hall of Fame 😠


@nikolay - sir sorry


200k XP: OMG, you made it!!!


Mr..nikolay I just want to challenge with u in HTML I challenged you but didn't respond it .. my next target is to Loos you to me and want to put my name in your Hall of Fame 😠😠😈😈